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Courtesy of: "Monmouth Township 1881-1981: Collected Views of the Past"

Essonville Anglican Church was built in 1888, the first church to be built in the Township of Monmouth. John James Noble, one of the earliest settlers, helped to build the church. He became the Peoples' Warden and remained so until after his wife, Elizabeth's, death in 1950; he died in his 101st year in 1965 and was buried in the Essonville cemetery.

In 1907, Rev. Battersby became minister and lived in the manse just west of the church. On March 24, 1912, 19 people attended the service and the collection was 25 cents; on March 31, 1912, there were 14 people in attendance and 15 cents were collected.

Other pioneers seen in the church each Sunday included the Rowbothams, the Somervilles, Mrs. Saunders and family, the Johnsons, the Henrys and the Bradleys.

As the congregation dwindled, the church was given to the Township of Monmouth and now stands as a memorial to those who were so proud of their achievement in building and filling the church in its early days.